The Brehms Band

David and his beautiful wife Stephanie formed The Brehms Band in 2009 and remain the principal songwriters.  They perform with an amazing group of world-class musicians.  The pic seen here was taken after the band's first performance on Good Morning Texas.

Addison Magazine

Stephanie and David would often perform in Dallas and nearby Addison, Texas.  Addison has many amazing dining and entertainment venues and Addison magazine is the place to find all about them.  The Brehms are grateful to have been featured multiple times in this outstanding publication.


One of the first songs Stephanie and David wrote together was a sultry song called "Red Dress" and it soon became a finalist in the USA Songwriting Competition in the jazz category.  Check it out on the duo's "One More Look" EP.  


David was hired by the talented producers at QUAD Studios  (formerly RD&F Advertising) to write a tune for their Cirro Energy campaign.  David wrote (and performed the guitar part) for this hip little jazz tune which became one of Quad's most successful TV campaigns.


David and Stephanie as The Brehms were humbled and grateful to be called "the perfect band" by Addison magazine.  Stephanie went back to her original hair color and things have been picking up steam ever since.