Public Speaking and Writing

543587_4071550660799_438933610_nDavid L. Brehm has nearly two decades of experience in the animation industry and speaks frequently at various conventions across the country.  His website,, is not only useful for biographical reference, but it also serves as a teaching tool for animation students and blog readers.  During each speaking engagement, David encourages others to fulfill their creative goals by utilizing his modern yet practical approach for project development.  David will present several techniques for pre-production, production, and post-production and also offer many helpful hints for distribution of intellectual property.

David’s professional background began at DNA Productions where he was hired as a Character Animator for Paramount Pictures Academy Award nominated feature film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.  Later he was promoted to Layout Department Head for Nickelodeon’s Annie award-winning Jimmy Neutron television series and also gained valuable experience working as an animator on other animated properties such as Olive The Other Reindeer (produced by Matt Groening of Simpsons fame), Jingaroo, The Ant Bully, and the original pitch pilot for The Barnyard.

David has illustrated several books including Movement with a Purpose, Get Rid of the Hurt, and is also the author of a hilarious new book entitled:  “Willy Nilly – Volume I” and the accompanying coloring book “The Willy Nilly Coloring Book”. Each book features hilarious panels from David’s WILLY NILLY comic strip.  David’s books are available for purchase from (in e-book or paperback) or on the website

David is also one-half of the songwriting duo THE BREHMS (alongside his uber talented co-writer/wife Stephanie Young Brehm) and is proud to announce their second album “Summer Moon” was awarded its own station on PANDORA.  Add THE BREHMS to your own favorite Pandora channel or pick up “Summer Moon” on iTunes or at

David and Stephanie often travel together and share with others how to live a fulfilling life as a full-time creatives.  They do a popular panel together entitled “Full-Time Creative Work:  Make it Happen!”  Look below for more speaking topics and if you would like to contact David for a speaking engagement then venture over to his contact page on this website.

Speaking Topics include:

“Digital Character Design”

Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, David L. Brehm will give a demo on how to digitally design characters for animation and the web.

“Get your character moving: An After Effects Workshop”

2D and 3D animation can be done in several ways. Come learn from Jimmy Neutron
animator David L. Brehm on how to use Adobe After Effects to get your
characters moving.

Want to make a living creating animated cartoons?  Animated cartoons are used in many industries beyond television cartoons and include computer games, feature and short films, education, forensics, architecture, science, and medicine.  Formal education is not always necessary but in order to be prepared when an opportunity comes knocking you need to know your stuff!

“Full-time Creative work: How to Make it Happen!”

Are you interested in working in the Entertainment Industry as a creative, full time?  Join Voice Actress/Producer/Writer/Singer Stephanie Young and her Animator/Director/Writer/Musician husband, David L. Brehm as they share tips on how to make a living working in the creative arts, as well as how to get your creative properties out there!  David is the President of Blue Logic Entertainment, a full-service production house, as well as an animator that worked on the hit series Jimmy Neutron, from its beginnings on Nickelodeon all the way to the Oscar nominated film!  Stephanie is a well known Voice Actress, and she has been in many aspects of the industry, from writing to producing reality television on a national scale!  Join the dynamic duo as they share their stories and strategies on how to be a part of this ever-evolving industry!

“Gotta Blast! Tall Tales from Jimmy Neutron”

Jimmy Neutron was nominated for the first ever Academy Award for animated films, and David L. Brehm (Character Animator and Layout Department Head) worked on the feature film and the subsequent TV show from beginning to end. This lighthearted panel will uncover the secrets to a successful animation pipeline and also share some insight on the twists and turns of an animated TV series. Fee free to ask about “The Ant Bully and “Olive, the Other Reindeer” as well.

“Introduction to Character Animation”

David L. Brehm, Character Animator and Layout Artist for the Academy Award nominated Jimmy Neutron Feature Film and subsequent Annie Award winning Television series will give a demo on how to create a walk cycle utilizing the 12 principles of animation.

“Art and Animation Portfolio Review”

Aspiring artists and animators are welcome to meet with David L. Brehm (Jimmy Neutron animator and Blue Logic Creative Director) who will provide feedback on their original portfolio and help them prepare for job interviews in the Entertainment industry.  Many of David’s students have gone on to work for companies such as Pixar, Blue Sky, ReelFX, Dreamworks, and Disney to name a few.

Past guest speaking engagements include:

2016 – Anime Matsuri, Houston, Texas
2016 – Magic City Comic, Miami, Florida
2015 – Anime Matsuri, Houston, Texas
2015 – Matsuricon, Columbus, Ohio
2014 – Anime Nebraska, Omaha, Nebraska
2014 – Ramencon, Merrillville, Indiana
2014 – Anime Matsuri, Houston, Texas
2014 – Matsuricon, Columbus Ohio
2013 – Anime USA, Washington D.C.
2013 – Another Anime Con, Manchester, New Hampshire
2013 – Matsuricon, Columbus, Ohio
2013 – AnimeFest, Dallas, Texas
2012 – Anime Matsuri, Houston, Texas
2012 – Manifest, Melbourne, Australia
2010 – Anime Matsuri, Houston, Texas
2010 – Akon, Dallas, Texas
2009 – Matsuricon, Columbus, Ohio
2009 – Tekkoshocon VII, Pittsburgh, PA
2009 – VisMasters DMVC, Lexington, Kentucky