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  • Convert After Effects MOV to an Animated GIF

    Ok, ready to render your After Effects animation and convert it to an animated gif?  This is one way to do it. While still in Adobe After Effects, look to your top menu & click on Compositions>Add to Render queue. Your Render Queue will automatically replace the timeline and you will see options for Render Settings:, Output Module:, […]

  • Alien Abduction in Adobe – Part 3

    Love to draw for the shear fun of of it?  Want to learn a few sheep tricks?  Had enough puns for one day??  Well, too baaaaaaaaad, cause this blog takes a another step forward towards creating our alien abduction scene, and ewe are sure to enjoy more sheep thrills along the way!  So lets get started on our […]

  • Alien Abduction in Adobe – Part 2

    Feeling sheepish about your 2D asset building?  You need an alien intervention!  In the last blog we built a basic flying saucer, so now lets create an environment where our flying saucer can wreak some havoc. Lets start by building a relaxed evening hilltop scene and then prepare a few sheep for the alien invasion.  Sound good?  Here we go! […]

  • Alien Abduction in Adobe – Part 1

    Ready for a close encounter of the illustrator kind?  In this beginner level project we are going to draw a basic flying saucer using Adobe illustrator.  In the following tutorials we will create an animated scene whereby the sinister flying saucer abducts some unsuspecting earthlings with its all too familiar tractor beam.  UFOs, alien abduction, and you…sound good? Step 1. […]

  • Draw a basic cartoon dog in Adobe Illustrator

    If you enjoy drawing cartoons, you are probably already familiar with Adobe Illustrator and have come to appreciate its outstanding array of vector based tools. Today we are going to put some of these tools to work as we create a basic cartoon dog. If you are new to the digital character design process, be mindful that our goal is to create an animation […]

  • Draw a basic bat in illustrator

    In the spirit of Halloween (pardon the pun) we’re going to draw a basic bat using Adobe Illustrator.   Later on, we will import the bat into Adobe After Effects.  OK, so let’s get started! Step 1 – Document setup Open Adobe Illustrator and make a new document (File -> New) making the size 1920 x 1080 […]

  • 2D with DB – Captivating Moments in Animation History

    Captivating Moments in Animation History Once upon a time, in the early twentieth century, there were just a handful of people working in the film industry, and even fewer were exploring animation as a serious creative medium.  These early pioneers didn’t have Wacom tablets, laptop computers, or mobile phones, and often the materials they were using were highly […]

  • Grey Matter and the Green Screen – Jump Ahead With Better Organization

    Jump Ahead With Better Organization With so many steps in the production process, it’s easy to get lost without an effective organizational structure in place.  I would like to offer a simplified version of my production company’s directory structure to assist you with your digital asset management.  Click here to download Blue Logic’s NEW PROJECT 001 template. […]

  • Grey Matter and the Green Screen – Let’s Get To Work

    Let’s Get To Work The client, being an old classmate, knew we would make a great team (and by extension, my crew) and so we drafted a statement of work, signed a contract, and jumped into the pre-production phase in record time. During our initial discussions, the client revealed his intention to utilize video as […]

  • 2D Pipeline – Character Design

    Today we begin a new Graphic series demonstrating a modern 2D animation pipeline. Graphics Magister David L Brehm unveils some creative sources to help with the pre-production process. In this particular 2D animation pipeline, the initial steps involve hand drawing unique character designs, digitizing (scanning) the designs, and preparing the digital files for character animation. Now, before […]