Works in Progress

David L. Brehm is the creator of several entertainment properties and loves to synergize his creative endeavors with his philanthropic work. During the 2015 holidays David’s company Blue Logic donated over 100 Willy Nilly coloring books to the Tarrant County Foster Parent Association.

The Willy Nilly Coloring Book

Willy Nilly started out as a cartoon strip.   Since then, two Willy Nilly Books have been published and the most recent Willy Nilly book is an activity book which allows kids to color and create funny gags using the art from the Willy Nilly cartoon strip.  Author/Creator David L. Brehm says, “The initial reception has been fantastic!”  Read More here…

Willy Nilly Coloring Book

Willy Nilly – Volume I

Willy Nilly Volume I, written by creator David L. Brehm and illustrated by Paul Claerhout, is the first publication from the Willy Nilly franchise and is sure to be a collector’s item. You won’t want to miss these two venturesome armadillos as they plunge headfirst into the off-kilter comic world of today. Grab your boots, pull up a chair and get ready to laugh out loud!

Willy Nilly in car

Seen here are some test renderings and pre-production concepts for David’s upcoming animated short film entitled “Hot Dogs, Cold Fish.”

Film Synopsis:  Papa ‘Pede loves Hot Dogs, almost as much as he loves his Centipede family.  One day Momma suggests Papa take Baby ‘Pede for an afternoon stroll.  Before long Papa stumbles across a veritable dream come true in the form of an abandoned hot dog, but with his attentions diverted he notices too late Baby Pede’s stroller is careening uncontrollably toward the riverbank trolled by JAWBONE, the biggest and meanest Catfish in the Texas hill country.

Hot Dogs Cold Fish poster


In a heightened state of self-regard, Prince RAFAEL, an aristocratic cockroach from Costa Rica, decides to “tour” America and allow the ignorant Americans a chance to enjoy his royal presence.  He is shocked and amazed to learn that oversized  cockroaches are not at all welcome in North America.  Before long he is scrounging around like a fugitive on the run, dodging potential predators and hiding in shadows.  Two amiable raccoons happen upon Rafael and offer to help him exist in this hostile environment.