Convert After Effects MOV to an Animated GIF

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Ok, ready to render your After Effects animation and convert it to an animated gif?  This is one way to do it.

While still in Adobe After Effects, look to your top menu & click on Compositions>Add to Render queue.


Your Render Queue will automatically replace the timeline and you will see options for Render Settings:, Output Module:, Log: and Output To:.


Select Best Settings. Set your Quality to Best and Resolution to Full.  The rest of the settings should be the same as the image below.

Now click OK.  Then click on Lossless.  Change your Format to QuickTime and Under Video Output, click on format Options.  If you are exporting a standard size video like 1920×1080 or 1280×720, then you can select h624.  If you are trying to resize your video or using an non-standard video size, you will need to use the Animation codec.


Now click OK and go back to the Render Queue.  Once there select Not yet specified and navigate to the location to save your video.

Render the video.  Click the Render Button at the top Right.  You will hear a “ding” sound letting you know the render is finished

Next, open up your new video in Photoshop.  You will see a Timeline appear at the bottom of you screen.


Next, click on File>Save for Web> from your top menu.


In the Save for Web menu, select your Presets fly-out menu and click on GIF 128 No Dither.


Once this is loaded you can make your animation loop by clicking on the Looping Options: in the lower right-hand corner.  Finally, click Save.  Your Gif is ready to go.

You can use animated Gifs on your website and/or blog using certain web browsers like Chrome, Safari, & Explorer. Animated Gifs can also be utilized on certain select social Media sites like Google + and Twitter.  Many businesses (or sole proprietors) use Animated gifs for Banner ads and display marketing.

‘Til next time, stay focused.